teeth very pain until cant eat the 'keras' food ..... T-T

hold monday ,i cant concentrate to do my things ... after that , i really cant tahan , i call my collague send me go to tmn sentosa's doctor gigi there ...i arrived that around 5:55pm, they off duty on 6pm , so i only got 5 minit only can let doctor see my teeth ... i lay down the checking chair ... the doctor gigi take a big big jarum and say "want to get out the 'nong' " oh my god !!!!! do u know the jarum really really very very big lei !!!!!!!! i shock by the jarum , and i tutup my eyes ... i think just only 2 minits, it is already done , he say i " zhang zi hui ya" , & want lets the pipir 'xiao zhong ' first , just can see wheather want to cabut or not ... T-T... sedihnya ... sigh... i want balik lagi after 5 days ... hope my teeth will get will soon...

to be continue ...


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