Emm… since yinyin go to saloon & have a new hair cut , I also think that , will I go to saloon to ‘arrange’ my hair .

So, I go to my bf ‘s friend saloon , called “ Red Master ”. I go to there on Sunday , on


… I remember that I haven eat anythigs , bcos I just wake up on


…so very rush , I call my aunt to send me go to there … forget that, the saloon is located in Taman universiti skudai. If someone got interest , can call me J hehe

After that, I arrived that, bcos is early morning , so I m the first customers …hehehe… then, the hair stylist start to ‘do’ my hair …cut …wash…perm…very long time , I feel I already ZZzzZzZZzZZZZzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzZZZZ

U know it is about 5 hours to perm this hair !!!! take very long time ….tired also …and also that I very lapar , bcos I not eat the breadfast & lunch … ans also that my teeth also pain during the time …

I very happy that , bcos I first time step in to the saloon, before that I never go to there for a hair cut , but this time is a good experience … emm… next time will I go again ???? emmm ….. tengok dulu ba …. Wahahaha….


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