emm.... finally i want to leave this company ... got a little sad and also 'bu she de'... bcos my 'mum '... she send me back to skudai , she is a ' xian qi liang mu' ... and aslo bring us ~ yan hong & neoneo go to eat steamboat togeher ...

think back this 2 year , i got know many collague in this company and they very kind and cute de ... mostly is xiao bai zhu , every day tell us some joke and funny things that u really cant expected for her!

for siew lee , every let us 'sai'... sigh duan jin , every night face to my bed , dun miss me too much o ! hehe !

then, neoneo, who is my best partner, emm, i know u find the job now , and u fell so down for it , nvm try u best , i think u can get the better job / perfect job for u !

then my mum , emm ... feel so 'kui jiu' for u , bcos lets u know at the last time, and u cry like a hell !but best wish to u ! u will find a 'dad' for us ! hahaha ....

then, yann hong , emm, u want to move to new place le , kl office , hope ur life will be more beautifull....but must take care ur self o! keep in touch o !

emm ... at last i want to thank u all , made my life more colourfull and lets me increase 5 kg in hostel ! hahahahahaaaa..........

keep in touch my friend ! jangan lupa me o !


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