yesterday, i go to see the doctor gigi again ... my situation get will liao le, but still got alittle sakit la,bcos haven finished the medicine ... after that, doctor take a x-ray for my teeth, and tell me that , my gigi kenal cabut...T-T ... if goverment hospital is cheap ... if go to specialist must expensive de ... sigh... i want  to choose which one lei ??????

after see the doctor gigi, when i back to tmn u ... my father de car stop at the middle road ... do u know very scale ... got many car ... but finally , my uncle come to there to help my father .

sigh...bu xing yun de yi tian ... :(

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  • Sun
  • well, i went to see dentist too, the doctor also told me that the wisdom teeth are useless, and tough to clean, so, need to remove...
    But oh, his charge....extremely high....i better go back to M'sia...
    Any recommendation? Haha
  • xiao xin
  • emm... the dentol recommen me go to goverment hospital to remove it o...
  • Annie
  • T_T pity girl
  • Sun
  • government dentist - cheaper, doesnt means safer / better mah....