Since that day, my gigi very very pain ... pain dao , i want bit people ... then, aunt call me go to the dental surgery that she usually go de that one ... then , i bu guan 3721, i terus go that dental surgery.

i call a taxi go there, actually i really dun know the place. i only say that i want go to jln perisai ... u know the driver also dun know the place , he bring me go to tmn sentosa de the store there ... omg! finally he say, he salah jalan , and then turn back the tmn sri terbau... but finally he found the road , and also i reach the dental surgery.

i go to there register & wait the doctor gigi ... then, turn me liao , the doctor say , my gigi very serious liao , need take more powerful medicine to the fight virus ... and the doctor give me to eat the medicine directly , and she call me tomorrow come back again , want to see how my situation ...

one days ago...

the next day, i went back to the dental surgery. the doctor ask me, how about ur situation ... lucklly my situation is turn better than before ... if not doctor will send go to hospital ... T-T ... 'hao cai' if not i will stay in hospital ... then, the doctor continue to give me the medicine ,& she say want me finished the medicine .. yeah! i feel that my gigi not too pain liao !!!!

but all these day, i still want eat the porridge with fish...T-T ...i really miss my MC Donalds...KFC...Mee goreng ... Mee hun kue ... and many many delicious makanan ... when i can eat the all food ??????

sunday i need to back to the dental surgery again ... to be continue ...


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