Long long time no gathering liao , so boring …. So we decided on 30st August, we made a BBQ at our cute cute de hostel .We also got invite our friend to come.

That day , I very qi dai the BBQ coming …… when the clock ringing , yeah ! I can go to BBQ le !!!! wah !  so happy …. I run very fast and naik wanyi’d car back to hostel. But we baru ingat we dun have the ‘zhuan’ so, we think to borrow , but when we pass by the car park , we seen that the gaint car park got many many ‘zhuan’ ….hehehe…… u all know what things will happened ………. Our ‘nv yin xiong ‘ying ying take the ‘zhuan’ faster …wow ! yinyin ‘ni hao li hai ^o^

When we back to hostel we start to prepare all the things … but I very laper already … but still need to prepare food baru ada makanan … so ‘reng zhu ‘.when I think want to BBQ , then hujan lebat …oh my god ….why raining ??? I cant BBQ le la …… sedihnya …… but they still want to BBQ …. Hahahahaha …. You ran qi yi si si xi wang … I Want BBQ !!!!!!!!!! even though raining , we still made BBQ ! never say die !!!! hahahahaha…….Dsci0010

Some of us masak at dapor , some of us ‘qu huo’…… sinee cook the mee goreng & mee hun goreng …yummy!!! Very sedap ^o^ …yinyin is the first one balik home …. Sigh . at the end , all of the makanan semua sudah habis ! Dsci0017

‘kuai le de shi guang , zhong shi rong yi guo’,but all of us still very happy !!!! ^-^ ….Dsci0022


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