We are very boring and lazy to cook... so we wait hui fern back to hostel and we go outside to having our 'big' meal... do u know go to where....????!!!!! yup! we go to 'ma ma dang' it is malay food hawker... actually no hawker it is that malay sales its food beside its house... so we called 'ma ma dang' ... so we jalan kaki go to the 'ma ma dang'.. actually the 'ma ma dang' is very near by our hostel, 2 minit will arrived . After that we all excited to talk about the horrible & ghost movie during eating our food .... then we talk talk lagi , talk about the new movie ' Final Destination 3' they say this movie very nice and decided to go to see... me also haven see this movie , then we persude hui fern to bring us go to see "final Destination 3" .... finally ... she say ok, and bring us go to see that movie!!!! hehe...hehe.... happy woh!!!

We go to pelangi leisure mall to see the 'Final Destination 3' . we arrived there only 9:05pm then the show time is 10:00pm then we also buy the ticket . That have 1 hours lagi arrive the show time,so we are window shoping first just go to see the movie...

I am first time to see this movie ... no a litter bit horrible ,it is very horrible... if all of u had seen the ' house of wax ' before ... u will know how horrible is it !!!! we three person shock by the movie and feel muntah .... very bad .... but very excited lei!!!!! hahaha.....

After we back to our hostel , we cant to sleep well & thinking about the picture of movie....and me takut off light & on light to sleep... then during the night, i sleep & then wake up, sleep & then wake up...repeat again , again with again until morning.... very tired ar ...... but excited lei!!!!! i think next time better chooise the weekend to go to see horrible movie ..... At last, my friend must go to see 'Final Destination 3' ^0^ T2805490_6




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